LTIA Workshop on Project Financing in Emerging Countries

Hosted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) offices in London on 21 November 2018, this workshop organised by the Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA) will aim to share best practices in infrastructure program development in emerging countries and will form the basis for a broader reflection that could be brought together at the Davos annual meeting in January.

 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

One, Exchange Square, London EC2A 2JN

United Kingdom


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Creating a momentum of on-going dialogue between private sector, MDBs and DFIs to expend bankable projects in emerging countries

The global need for more and better infrastructure are estimated at $4 trillion per year. Emerging economies account for over half of that need, creating a unprecedented pipeline on that will prove challenging to operationalize. Governments, Development financial institutions, organizations and private actors are ramping-up their efforts to address the stumbling blocks standing in the way and already managed to deliver significant achievements over the last few years.

Roundtables, conferences, international events, workshops and reports are giving more and more attention to this overarching issues with a focus on: political risks, lack of sources of funding, lack of technical or financial expertise, lack of understanding of blended finance mechanism, debt capacity etc. These questions are obviously crucial, but the challenge is now to operationalize by focusing on a pragmatic and achievementsoriented approach. Three factors are key in this respect:

  • The first is to gather all stakeholders around a table to consider all levers of value, all the resources available to deploy projects.
  • The second is to share track-records of performance and identitfy the means to duplicate best practices.
  • The third is to establish a common base of standards or tailor-made solutions to get infrastructure projects off the ground in the best conditions.

In order to open this constructive dialogue, the LTIIA together with EBRD and major institutional or private actors of the infrastructure sector are organizing a workshop on November 21st to:

  • Showcase pipelines and plans for expanding viable investments
  • Showcase MDBs’ solutions to addresses the needs
  • Determine the standards in investing in emerging countries

This workshop will provide the basis for a broader reflection and will feed into the next World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, January 2019.

In order to build the agenda of this workshop, it seems necessary to have a common base on the topics we want to address and tools we want to discuss and define a global approach. We would therefore appreciate your quick answers to these 3 questions;

  1. Have you used any DFI/MDB to finance any of your projects in the past 5 years?
  2. What practical approaches would you like to showcase?
  3. What are your concrete expectations regarding this workshop ?


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