Elections of the ELTI Management Board (MB) take place every three years with the current Management Board being elected on 28 October 2022 at the 10th ELTI General Assembly (GA) in Malta.



LZ v1
Laurent Zylberberg - CV
Director of Institutional Relations, European & International Cooperation, CDC

Vice Presidents

Pawel Nierada v1
Pawel Nierada - CV
First Vice-President at BGK
Photo M. dEufemia
Massimo D'Eufemia - CV
Vice-President for European Affairs at CDP
June Butler - CV
Chief Executive Officer at SBCI

Management Board Members

LC Funke v1
Lutz-Christian Funke - CV
Senior Vice-President at KfW
ABandres v1
Antonio Bandrés Cajal - CV
Director & Head of International Financing and EU Affairs at ICO

Martina Jus3
Martina Jus - CV
Executive Director / International Affairs, Export Credit Insurance at HBOR


HvG v1

Helmut von Glasenapp - CV


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