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On Friday 1st February, over 40 representatives from over 20 different EU NPBIs, IFIs and potential implementing partners met at the ELTI Office in Brussels where they debated for over 3 hours with the European Commission and the European Investment Bank.

Discussions focused on issues which required joint action with key topics ranging from the importance of real direct access for NPBIs in reducing the gap between local projects and European finance; the role of the EIB in the Member State compartment; the specificities of the InvestEU governance structure; the division of roles within the Advisory hub; the operational definition of InvestEU additionality; the thresholds within the ‘sustainability proofing’ discussion; clarifications behind the pari-passu financial contribution method; the conditions and costs associated with a COSME-type guarantee for SME financing and the role of the EIB and EU Commission regarding access to sensitive data of various implementing partners.

Speakers at this meeting included Mr. Laurent Zylberberg (ELTI President), Ms. Kerstin Jorna (Deputy Director General, DG ECFIN, European Commission); Mr. Luca Lazzaroli (Director General, EIB); Ms. Eva Witt (Director of Federal and European Affairs, KfW), Mr. Giorgio Chiarion-Casoni (European Commission Head of Unit) and Mr. Steven De Gruyter (Risk Management Department, EIB) with Mr. Helmut von Glasenapp (ELTI Secretary-General) moderating the discussion. Each presentation was followed by a positive and lively Q & A session and ended on an engaging networking lunch.


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