As part of the B-DAY conference on boosting connectivity and investments, held on Tuesday 3 December 2019, ELTI was invited to speak on the panel 'Tomorrow's Connected Europe'. Secretary-General Helmut von Glasenapp presented the cooperation of NPBIs, the European Commission and the EIB in the Connecting Europe Broadband Fund. He highlighted the challenges and the need of funds for digital infrastructure in rural areas and regions, noting how digital skills and investment have to be fostered.

Broadband Days

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"The conference aims to bring together all relevant stakeholders and inform them on the latest developments of EU broadband initiatives and their implementation. It will also update participants on the preparation of the next Connecting Europe Facility programme. The conference will discuss leading edge technologies, business models and finance, aiming to identify ideas and synergies between sectors.

The conference will debate how 5G corridors bring leading edge connectivity across the Union for a more resilient, sustainable and cost-efficient infrastructure, enabling new concerted actions amongst the transport, energy and digital sectors. The state-of-play of 5G deployment in Europe would be presented and the importance of corridors for the whole digital ecosystem in Europe would be highlighted addressing at the same time technological and implementation challenges.

The role of connectivity in the European Cloud, HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics will also be debated by looking at the challenges and opportunities the intersection between enabling technologies and infrastructures and broadband connectivity with a particular view to identify synergies between DEP and CEF.

CEF Digital (CEF 2) will help achieving connectivity goals by providing the necessary finance which would facilitate meeting the socio-economic and policy challenges Europe is facing in the areas of health, education, climate change, aging population etc.

The conference will also give the floor to look to the future through the eyes of the “digital natives” as well pave the way towards the CEF Digital implementation phase starting looking at the forming strong CEF communities which will provide creative and sound ideas in order to help build a valuable pool of projects for implementation.

As always, it will also showcase the best connectivity practices across Europe through the 2019 Broadband Awards which will take place the evening before, and their presentation in the conference itself."



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