ELTI Brochure 6 Innovation Cover

ELTI Brochure on Innovation

In November 2023, ELTI released its latest brochure, presenting 16 lighthouse projects in the field of Innovation, each supported by their respective NPBI, all of which are members of ELTI.


Innovation of products and services plays a crucial role for economies and societies in Europe and all over the world. Research and innovation triggers growth, enhances progress and improves efficiency, leading to a better quality of life for everyone. At the same time, the development and adoption of new technologies and production processes are critical success factors for economic resilience and are essential in the efforts against climate change.

Investments in innovative projects, such as the development of new drugs or digital solutions, present unique challenges both for innovators and investors. First of all, in innovative projects, funding is needed to finance the brains responsible for research and development. In addition, there might be uncertainty regarding the technical viability of these projects, and whether they will be easily placed on the market.

Europe provides a high share of global innovations, thanks to pioneers amongst both European companies and public authorities. The “German Mittelstand”, Italian municipalities, the Bulgarian sports engineering company or the Irish health food company are all examples of successful innovators. National Promotional Banks and Institutions (NPBIs) all over Europe promote such investments, often by assuming a high share of risk. They speak the language and understand the culture of their clients, facilitating the financing of innovative projects. And by doing so, they help to preserve Europe’s competitiveness.

This brochure presents 16 European light-house projects, each of them supported by its respective NPBI. we invite you to have a look into these examples and hope that innovative projects will continue to find optimal financing solutions in the future as well. NPBIs are ready to do their part. Innovators and NPBIs are a strong team.

Together we can do more!


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