ELTI GA 2021Great that we can meet in person again!

ELTI members held their 2021 General Assembly in Brussels this year. After more than 18 months of virtual meetings, the participants highly appreciated the possibility of discussions with their colleagues from NPBIs of more than 20 EU Member States. The economic situation during the COVID-19 crisis, the outlook for the EU recovery, the contribution of NPBIs to fight climate change as well as the implementation of InvestEU dominated the discussions. President Laurent Zylberberg also welcomed representatives from the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund who participated intensively in the discussions.

 Welcome by Michel Casselman, General Manager and CEO, PMV

09 ELTI by Alexander Louvet

Report of the ELTI President Laurent Zylberberg and the Secretary General Helmut von Glasenapp

 29 ELTI by Alexander Louvet  29 ELTI by Alexander Louvet

Introductory speech by Prof. Koen Schoors, Vice-president sfpi-fpim Board of Directors and Chairman of the Gigarant Board of Directors (PMV)

75 ELTI by Alexander Louvet75 ELTI by Alexander Louvet

Panel discussion on the NPBI's role in the recovery from the pandemic; Fight the climate change; combining diverging missions and the transition towards a green and digital EU economy

99 ELTI by Alexander LouvetELTI GA 21

Keynote speech by Pawel Nierada, ELTI Vice President, member of the Supervisory Board of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund and First Vice President of the Management Board of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

155 ELTI by Alexander Louvet

Closing remarks by ELTI President Laurent Zylberberg

156 ELTI by Alexander Louvet


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