UAB Investiciju ir verslo garantijos (INVEGA)


A stable and renowned team of finance experts which develops and implements effective solutions for promoting entrepreneurship.


To promote the growth and competitiveness of Lithuanian businesses by being an active partner in business financing.

Strategic orientation

To ensure the growth of the scale of services provided by INVEGA through the application of innovative and effective financing models and instruments designed to provide financial and other services to businesses.

INVEGA manages financial instruments designed to help entrepreneurs start or expand small or medium-sized enterprises by providing soft loans, guarantees for loans and leasing, partial financing of loan interests and granting business start-up subsidies, compensations for the costs of employee training or consultation services and creating and managing venture capital instruments.

Managing soft loan instruments

INVEGA manages financial instruments financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds and resources returned allowing small and medium-sized enterprises to start or expand their activities with a soft loan. Different types of loans provided by financial institutions are offered under different conditions. The best option to enhance SME’s access to finance is chosen according to the amount of the financial support needed and payment provisions.

Soft loans under the instrument Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund 2014—2020 offers the best conditions for newly established and young businesses with financing up to EUR 25,000.

Soft loans provided under the instrument Open credit fund 2 are designed for business development (both investment and working capital loans) and offers SMEs financing of up to EUR 600,000.

Instrument Risk-shared loans financed by the European Regional Development Fund offers loans for SMEs of up to EUR 4 million. The instrument is based on the principle of lending with the proportion of 45:55, under which the RSL Manager contributes by 55% of its own funds to 45% of the RSL loan/credit line share.

Issuing loan guarantees

Businesses applying to banks and other credit institutions for loans to start or grow their business often face the challenge of collateral not being attractive or adequate enough for the bank or credit institution. INVEGA helps to overcome this challenge by offering individual and portfolio guarantees to financial intermediaries covering up to 80% of the credit.

Export credit guarantees issued by INVEGA help expand export markets in countries of non-marketable risk and grow export volumes by minimising the potential risks stemming from default by a buyer by covering up to 90% of the actual losses when a buyer fails to pay as provided for in the contract, or when a buyer goes bankrupt.

Providing global grants

INVEGA offers global grants aimed to facilitate SME’s market take-up and development, especially at the initial stage of self-employment, as well as help businesses save on daily expenses:

With the instrument Partial financing of Loan Interest INVEGA provides businesses compensations of up to 100% of the interest paid.

Borrowers of soft loans under the financial instrument Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund 2014–2020 are eligible for compensation of up to 75% of labour costs for every employee working under an employment contract with the instrument Business Start-up Subsidies.

Partial financing of staff training under the instrument Competence Voucher offers compensations of up to EUR 4,500 for training over a period of 12 months.

Businesses can receive compensation of their counselling expenses on export, business start-up and development or more efficient use of resources and conservation of natural resources with the instruments Expo Consultant LT, Eco Consultant LT and Business Consultant LT.

We create venture capital funds

INVEGA aims to grow Lithuanian venture capital market and broaden the availability of capital for start-ups and growing private Lithuanian companies. Venture capital funds together with partners-private investors provide investments and financial advices.

Baltic Innovation Fund launched by the EIF in close co-operation with the Governments of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia aims to boost equity investments made into SMEs with high growth potential. Currently, the Fund invested into 5 funds: BaltCap Private Equity Fund, BaltCap Private Equity Fund II, BPM Mezzanine Fund, Livonia Partners Fund and Karma Ventures Fund I.

Venture Capital Fund is intended to promote the transfer of ideas generated in research and higher education institutions to business (commercialisation) and ensure greater availability of capital to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises developing products in high-technology sectors along with expert assistance in identifying innovative technology ideas having commercial potential.

Venture capital funds established by INVEGA together with its subsidiary UAB Kofinansavimas: Co-investment Fund designed for micro and small enterprises operating for up to 5 years since their registration that have limited access to business financing offered by banks. Co-investment Fund II designed for the development of the Lithuanian venture capital market, growth of new participants of the venture capital market, thereby increasing capital availability to new prospective Lithuanian companies that have limited access to business financing offered by banks. Co-investment Fund RDI aims to help the commercialisation of ideas generated in scientific and research institutions through the implementation of research, development and innovation (RDI) activities.

Business Angels Co-Investment Fund is intended to finance the diversified portfolio of co-investments with business angels and other private investors made from the seed to the development stage.



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