Société Nationale de Crédit et d’Investissement (SNCI)

About SNCI

  • SNCI is a public-law banking institution with legal personality whose capital is fully owned by the State of Luxemburg.
  • SNCI is a public-law banking institution specialized in medium and long term financing of Luxembourg-based companies.
  • SNCI’s financing instruments are investments in fixed assets, innovations and exports.
  • SNCI also grants start-up/business transfer loans to newly incorporated or inherited SME’s. It may also finance investments of Luxembourg companies abroad.
  • SNCI may take equity positions, either directly or through its subsidiary CD-PME S.A., or by affiliated financing companies.

Financing policy

SNCI does not finance 100% of a given project or export transaction but - with risk-sharing in mind - instead seeks to ensure an appropriate balance between the various available sources of finance. Its approach is therefore one of co-financing with the corporate banking sector.

SNCI loans generally cover on average 25% of the investment in fixed assets of industrial projects, and up to 75% of the eligible investment incurred by young craftsmen, traders, hoteliers or restaurant owners starting out in business for the first time.


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