Slovak Investment Holding (SIH)

SIH is a joint-stock company 100% owned by the Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank. SIH's main objective is to support public and private investments in strategic sectors within Slovakia.

SIH is managing 3 Funds with EUR 900 million assets under management and provides advisory services:

• NDF II: Improves access to financing for projects and institutions that are active in the following areas:
- Transport infrastructure (direct investment)
- Energy efficiency (through financial intermediaries)
- Waste management (through financial intermediaries)
- Social economy (direct investment + through financial intermediaries)
- SMEs (direct investment + through financial intermediaries)

• NDF I: financial instruments have a recoverable form and are implemented through financial intermediaries. Funding is provided by means of the following financial instruments:
- venture capital instruments
- portfolio guarantees
- portfolio loans

The main objective of the daughter company ‘Slovak Asset Management Company’ is to manage state assets in order to mobilise domestic and foreign private co-investors and international financial institutions.

SIH is a partner of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the implementation of the Investment Plan for Europe. The aim of this partnership is to provide information to public and private institutions in Slovakia regarding the financial and advisory services of the EIB that are offered under EFSI (European Fund for Strategic Investments) and EIAH (European Investment Advisory Hub).


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