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High-Level Taskforce on Social Infrastructure members on 13 February 2017


Members of the High-Level Task-Force on Social Infrastructure


1.           Romano Prodi (Chairman)

2.           Christian Sautter (Vice-Chairman)

3.           Laurent Zylberberg, President ELTI and Director CDC

4.           Lutz-Christian Funke, Vice President ELTI  and Secretary General KfW

5.           Antonella Baldino, Vice President ELTI and Chief Business Officer CDP

6.           Benjamin Angel, Director EU Commission DG ECFIN

7.           Enrico Giovannini, Professor at the University of Rome

8.           Edoardo Reviglio, Special Rapporteur and Chief Economist CDP

9.           Jérôme Hamilius, Director CEB

10.         Guido Bichisao, Director EIB

11.         Valeria Ronzitti, Secretary General CEEP

12.         Luk Zelderloo, Secretary General EASPD

13.         Eugene Zhuchenko, Executive Director LTIIA

14.         Bernadette Ségol, Ex-ETUC

15          Lieve Fransen, Chair Working Group 1

16.         Helmut von Glasenapp, Secretary General ELTI

17.         Jonathan Watson, Integrate


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