Joining ELTI

Any European public or private financial institution acting as a long-term investor and sharing the objectives of the Association may apply for ELTI membership.

As a rule, Full Membership is reserved to one single institution per Member State of the EU, being in general the national public promotional financial institution of that Member State.

Associate Membership is open in principle to any financial institution, at multilateral, European, national or regional level, banks, pension funds, insurance companies, associations and other national professional federations, and any other physical or legal person on condition that (1) they have their head office in an EU Member State or in an EU accession candidate country, or in a EEA country State and (2) they share the Association’s purpose and objectives.

Decisions on membership candidatures are taken by the General Assembly of the Association and are not motivated to the candidate.

In order to apply, the following application form should be sent to the President with copy to the Secretary-General 


Application form (Word)(PDF)


ELTI membership fee for institutions seeking to join in 2016 depend on the size of their assets.

Current membership amounts for 2017:

  • Small-sized (assets below € 10 billion) fee: € 1180.00
  • Medium-sized (assets between € 10 billion and € 200 billion) fee: € 3350.00
  • Large-sized (assets in excess of  € 200 billion) fee: € 5800.00

For more information on becoming an ELTI member, please e-mail the Secretary-General Helmut von Glasenapp at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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