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NRW.BANK is the state development bank of North Rhine-Westphalia. Its mission is to support its owner – the state of North Rhine-Westphalia – in the completion of its structural and economic policy tasks. In its three fields of promotion “Economic Development”, “Housing Promotion” and “Infrastructure/Municipal Promotion”, NRW.BANK uses a wide range of promotion tools – from low-interest promotion loans to equity financing to advisory services.

In contrast to commercial banks, NRW.BANK’s customer base primarily comprises house banks and other channels of development funds. The Bank operates in a strictly non-discriminatory manner towards other financial institutions. The Bank’s - competition-neutral - relationships with the cooperative banks, private banks and savings banks are based on the so-called house bank principle.

The activities of NRW.BANK are focused on the range of development areas defined in Verständigung II. All competition-exposed activities (such as commercial real estate finance and the new issue of mortgage loans) had already been given up by Landesbank NRW, the predecessor of NRW.BANK.

To fulfil its mission, NRW.BANK operates in the following fields:

  • Securing and improving the small and medium-sized business sector, especially through finance for business start-ups and business expansion,
  • Social housing promotion,
  • Providing venture capital,
  • Urban development,
  • Infrastructure initiatives,
  • Agricultural, forestry and rural initiatives,
  • Environmental protection, technological and innovation initiatives,
  • Social, cultural and scientific initiatives.

Financing projects in the interest of the community

In the context of its mission, NRW.BANK may also provide finance for central, regional and local authorities and special-purpose associations under public law and participate in projects financed by the European Investment Bank or similar projects in the interest of the community.


In addition to the treasury business, NRW.BANK may, to the extent this is related to its tasks, also manage risks, raise subordinate guarantee capital and issue uncovered bearer bonds, profit participation rights, public-sector Pfandbriefe and other bonds.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement encapsulates NRW.BANK’s mission in concise and easily understandable statements, ensuring that the institution speaks with a single voice and projects a clear message to the public.

The Mission Statement of NRW.BANK was developed and discussed in two workshops attended by the Managing Board, representatives of the business units and members of the Executive Circle.

Vision Statement

Our values, our ambition, our mission - our Vision Statement summarises what NRW.BANK stands for under the title “Clear ambitions, shared aspirations”.

The development of our Vision Statement was governed by the motto “for our employees, from our employees”. Jointly drafted by 18 employees from various NRW.BANK units and the Chairman of the Managing Board over a period of six months, it was presented to employees at a special event in June 2005.



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